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At Chestnut Ridge Dental, we recognize the importance of a strong and radiant smile. Our dedicated team, consisting of Dr. Samuel P. Mufson, Dr. Christopher G. Lota, Dr. Joseph A. Lota, Jr., Dr. Vincent Capazzi, and Dr. Megan Gauthier, is committed to providing comprehensive dental solutions, including the expert application of dental crowns. Whether your teeth are fractured, worn, or impacted by decay, our commitment is to rejuvenate both the visual appeal and functionality of your smile, ensuring that you can confidently showcase a restored and healthy set of teeth.

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Understanding Dental Crowns

A dental crown, commonly known as a “cap,” represents a pinnacle of precision and tailored dentistry. This intricate restoration is meticulously custom designed to address the unique needs of each patient and is securely cemented onto an existing tooth. Its purpose extends beyond mere coverage. It becomes a resilient shield which encapsulates and fortifies the portion of your tooth situated above the gum line. In essence, a dental crown seamlessly integrates with your natural tooth, assuming the role of the new outer surface.

The significance of dental crowns transcends the realm of cosmetic enhancement and plays a pivotal role in the comprehensive restoration of compromised teeth. Whether a tooth has suffered fractures, wear, or decay, the crown serves as a dedicated protector, ensuring that the tooth not only recovers its structural integrity but also gains enhanced strength and durability. Acting as a guardian of oral health, the dental crown becomes an integral component in the arsenal of treatments aimed at preserving and promoting the longevity of your teeth.

Materials of Choice for Dental Crowns

One of the distinctive features of dental crowns at Chestnut Ridge Dental is the choice of materials. Crowns at Chestnut Ridge Dental can be crafted from different materials, including porcelain, metal, or a combination of both. Porcelain crowns, in particular, are highly preferred for their ability to mimic the translucency of natural teeth while providing exceptional strength.

Your crown is meticulously sculpted to match your unique dental anatomy, ensuring that it seamlessly integrates with your natural teeth. This customized approach ensures that your bite and jaw movements function normally once the crown is expertly placed by our experienced dental team.

When Are Crowns or Onlays Needed?

The application of crowns or onlays, often referred to as partial crowns, becomes imperative in situations where a tooth has undergone substantial structural compromise, rendering it incapable of adequately supporting a traditional filling. This advanced dental intervention steps in when the damage or loss of tooth structure surpasses the efficacy of standard restorative procedures.

The need for crowns or onlays arises when a tooth, due to factors such as extensive decay, fractures, or wear, has reached a point where a conventional filling is insufficient to provide the necessary reinforcement. Unlike fillings that are directly applied into the oral cavity, crowns and onlays represent a more comprehensive and precisely crafted solution to address significant structural deficiencies.

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