Dental Anesthesiology

What is a Dentist Anesthesiologist?

Here at Chestnut Ridge Dental we pride ourselves on our compassionate, caring and well educated team. We are proud to offer Dental Anesthesiology services to special needs patients, pediatric patients, phobic patients and geriatric patients along with any other patients who may benefit from the use of anesthesia.

A dentist anesthesiologist is a dentist who has completed a post-doctoral residency in anesthesiology after completion of four years at an accredited dental school. The post-doctoral residency consists of at least two years of medical based anesthesiology which includes providing anesthesia in the operating room as well as outpatient procedures.

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How does a Dentist Anesthesiologist differ from a dentist who offers Sleep Dentistry?

A dentist that provides sedation generally completes a continuing education course and is limited to administering one type of anesthesia: conscious sedation, usually with one or two medications. A Dentist Anesthesiologist has an unrestricted General Anesthesia permit with the ability to administer all levels of anesthesia: moderate sedation through general anesthesia, using a variety of anesthetic agents and anesthetic techniques.

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Why is anesthesia necessary?

Complex dental treatments, needle phobic or anxious patients, patients with special needs and children could benefit from anesthesia.  The degree of anesthesia in such cases can vary between moderate sedation to general anesthesia.  Dr. Mendia is well trained at providing all levels of anesthesia so that your dentist can fully focus on your dental procedure.  This allows for a safer, more predictable and comfortable experience for both the patient and the dentist.  Anesthesia eliminates pain and anxiety during the procedure, allowing the dentist to efficiently perform the dental procedures while reducing patient anxiety and emotional stress.

What types of patients are candidates for anesthesia?

Everybody can safely receive anesthesia.  Dr. Mendia is experienced and trained to care for patients of ALL ages.  Dr. Mendia routinely cares for pediatric patients, dental phobic patients, anxious patients, patients with special needs as well as adults and geriatric patients.

What types of dental services can be performed during anesthesia?

Almost any dental procedure can be performed under anesthesia in a dental office.  Procedures that have been performed include: Comprehensive oral evaluations, full mouth series radiographs, cleanings, restorations, crown and bridge, root canals, extractions, bone grafts, sinus lifts, implants and periodontal surgery, osseous surgery, deep gingival cleanings and oral biopsies.

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