Tooth Extractions at Chestnut Ridge Dental

Greetings from Chestnut Ridge Dental – Your Sanctuary for Optimal Oral Care. Here, we go beyond the mere upkeep of dental health; we strive for its elevation. In instances where tooth extraction becomes imperative, rest assured that our proficient team, consisting of Dr. Samuel P. Mufson, Dr. Christopher G. Lota, Dr. Joseph A. Lota, Jr., Dr. Vincent Capazzi, and Dr. Megan Gauthier, will guide you with exceptional precision and consideration for your ease and wellbeing throughout the extraction journey. For more specialized oral surgery we have an oral surgeon on site.

Beyond ensuring the health of your smile, we strive to provide an experience that prioritizes your well-being, making Chestnut Ridge Dental your trusted partner in optimal oral care. Our compassionate team is here to address your questions, discuss potential treatment plans, and ensure a comfortable experience during the extraction process.

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Common Reasons for Tooth Extractions

Tooth extractions are a crucial dental procedure recommended for various compelling reasons, each aimed at ensuring the overall health and well-being of your oral cavity. Here are some common scenarios where tooth extractions become necessary:

  • Misshapen Baby Teeth: Some baby teeth may have misshapen or long roots, preventing them from falling out naturally. Extraction is sometimes necessary to make way for the eruption of permanent teeth.
  • Decay-Related Risks: A severely decayed tooth may pose a threat to surrounding teeth, necessitating removal. In such cases, your dentist may recommend replacement options such as bridges or implants.
  • Infection and Wisdom Teeth Issues: Infections, problems with wisdom teeth, or the need for orthodontic correction can also be reasons for tooth extraction.

Understanding the Tooth Extraction Procedure

When our dentistry team determines that a tooth needs to be removed, the extraction process may occur during a regular checkup or require a separate visit. The tooth’s root is encased within the jawbone in a “tooth socket,” held in place by a ligament. To extract the tooth, the dentist gently expands the socket and separates the tooth from the ligament. While the procedure is typically quick, your comfort is paramount, and your dentist will discuss any concerns or preferences for sedation beforehand.

After a tooth extraction, there is a potential for neighboring teeth to shift, impacting chewing and jaw joint function. To prevent complications, your dentist may recommend replacing the extracted tooth. Our team will provide guidance on suitable replacement options to maintain the integrity of your smile and overall oral health.

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